Additions & Remodels | by Architects serving Boulder, Durango, and across the Front Range

Bringing new life and purpose to old buildings is a challenging and equally rewarding task. By reinterpreting buildings for contemporary purposes, our architects maintain the vital link between past and present by blending new and old into the fabric of urban life. We also believe the greenest building is the existing one. “Reuse and reconfiguration” saves time & money, as well as the environment.

The “best bang for the buck” is the most consistent request when starting a remodel or addition project. It is actually a need that can be addressed pretty simply in today’s market: In terms of strictly remodeling your home, focus on upgrading the Kitchen and Master bathroom first. Enhancing these spaces will have the effect of a ‘facelift’ for the entire home, and will add the most value to the property in general.

If the addition of square footage is in the scope of the project: consider maxing out the allowable square footage to gain as much new space as possible. This will increase the flexibility of design options for the project and the appraisal value of the home as well.