Boulder Energy Codes

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If you have been thinking of building a new home or remodeling in Boulder, you may have heard rumors about Boulder’s stringent building codes regarding energy. A question we are frequently asked is how to understand Boulder’s energy requirements for any particular project and how these.    Read more »

There is no question that a college education is necessary, and even somewhat mandatory, these days. Following thousands of hours of hard work and limited sleep, more than two million students leave college with either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree each year. With all of the emphasis.    Read more »

As gathering place and focal point, the fireplace symbolizes security and community and adds warmth and ambience to any room. No longer limited to traditional materials and design, fireplaces have become focal points in the overall home aesthetic.  Wood burning fireplaces, gas log inserts (installing.    Read more »

We recently took an office field trip to Coal Creek Canyon to visit one of our current homes under construction. Comprised of true timber frame construction and SIPS roof panels, the home is making great progress. Check out progress photos below. Read more »


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What do Architects do all day? What do we talk about behind closed doors? Our daily tasks require us to do a little of everything. The nature of a small office means you chip in as necessary. Some days are spent outside of the.    Read more »

What is LEED Certification?

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LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a green building certification program that strives to push the way we construct and design buildings. LEED certification can be applied to all types of construction models – building & design, interior design, building.    Read more »

3 great ways to design for kids

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Designing kids’ rooms can be fun. As designers, it’s usually the place where we interject more color and whimsy into the design process, yet it’s also important to keep an air of practicality. We want our kids to use the space that’s allocated for them!.    Read more »

Fänas recently published a brief pamphlet on what property owners should be aware of when building in Boulder, Colorado. As noted, this was an overview intended to point out the many steps required throughout the process. We’ve gotten great feedback and thought we would elaborate on a few of.    Read more »

Although we have been designing custom homes for decades, with each new project there is a learning curve. Becoming in tune with the individual client, understanding their lifestyle and aesthetic, and learning about local building codes are just some of the nuances that make each.    Read more »


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Fänas Architecture proudly announces our two new office locations in Boulder and Durango, Colorado. Please update your records with our new addresses and feel free to come visit us in our new spaces!   Boulder 1320 Pearl Street Suite 103 Boulder, CO 80301 303.444.5380 Durango 101 W. 9th Street Suite 04 Durango, CO.    Read more »


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Building a house and wanting it to be extremely energy efficient? You may want to consider structural insulated panels (SIPs). SIPs are a building system made from foam insulation sandwiched between 2 sheets of oriented strand board, think ice cream sandwich. SIP panel These panels compose.    Read more »

Fanas Architecture designs and details kitchens.

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Fanas Architecture designs and details kitchens. As an architectural firm we are typically associated with the “sticks and bricks” of a building, however recently we have been fortunate enough to have been hired to design and remodel some exciting kitchens for several different clients. Kitchens are the.    Read more »

Fanas Architecture _ Elizabeth Smith

Photo Source: Fanas Architecture’s blood runs green with a commitment to responsible, green architecture and design.  We are proud members of the Colorado Green Building Guild, LEED AP, Boulder Green Points Certified, and are Green Advantage Certified.  Sustainable building practices are simply part of.    Read more »

City of Boulder Adopts New Codes

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For all of us who work in the design and building industry here in Boulder, we know that staying on top of the current City codes and regulations is not only imperative, but sometimes confusing. The City of Boulder continues to adopt new codes for both.    Read more »

The Road to Recovery

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The news has moved on, but many people in Boulder are still struggling with how to put their lives and homes back together after the massive flooding that took place in September. We too have felt the feelings that come from experiencing damage to.    Read more »

A Helping Hand

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As many of you know, or may have been affected by, Boulder and neighboring areas suffered major damage from a record of more than 17 inches of rain in September. It has left many people struggling to pick of the pieces of their homes.    Read more »

Fanas Architecture Featured In…

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“Unobstructed views to the mountains, mature trees, a year round creek and open space were the features that cemented the decision for Tim and Lisa Ackerman to purchase the 10 acre property just NW of Boulder in 1998.” - East Meets West: An East.    Read more »

The Perfect Home?

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Boulder, Colorado is known for being very restrictive on housing in an effort to control growth and while it can be frustrating during the home buying process, it’s one of the things that makes Boulder such a great place to live. For anyone who.    Read more »

Why Do I Need An Architect?

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Taking on the task of overseeing a home build or remodel can be extremely overwhelming. Trying to plan out the vision of the house can be time consuming enough, but when it actually comes time to work with contractors, well that can end up.    Read more »

Purchasing a new home in Boulder

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Purchasing a new home can bring up many feelings: excitement, uncertainty, fear. It’s a strange mix of feelings, but once it’s done, you can’t help but feel proud. This is your home and it’s time to make it feel that way. You may already.    Read more »

Master Suite Remodel and Face-lift

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Some of our smaller projects are also some of our more dramatic projects. Remodels of existing spaces often pose some of the biggest creative challenges.  Working within the existing walls, maximizing flow, and integrating the new space into the rest of the home must be balanced with.    Read more »

Fanas Architecture elected to Board Member: Colorado Green Building Guild

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Funny how life circles back on itself.  Over nine years ago, Dale Smith, owner and president of Fanas Architecture banded together with a handful of "like-minded" professionals to start the Boulder Green Building Guild: A non-profit organization focused on making sustainable or "green" building common.    Read more »

Grand Opening of the Wilderness Early Learning Center

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Back in October of 2011, we were hired by the Acorn School to design a new early childhood learning center known as the Wilderness Early Learning Center. We transformed an existing two-storey industrial office building into an early childhood learning center. The grand opening will.    Read more »