As gathering place and focal point, the fireplace symbolizes security and community and adds warmth and ambience to any room. No longer limited to traditional materials and design, fireplaces have become focal points in the overall home aesthetic.  Wood burning fireplaces, gas log inserts (installing.    Read more »

Trending Materials: Hot Rolled Steel

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Sopris & Blanca Microcabin completed as part of the Colorado Building Workshop Design Build certificate at the University of Colorado Denver.

Contemporary design often celebrates the “honesty” of materials; leaving elements exposed or in their most raw state to capture the essence of that material, while simultaneously depending on the materials’ intrinsic quality and durability to last well into the future. Hot rolled steel is a.    Read more »

What is LEED Certification?

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LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a green building certification program that strives to push the way we construct and design buildings. LEED certification can be applied to all types of construction models – building & design, interior design, building.    Read more »


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Ever wonder how architects move from conceptual hand sketches to fully fledged construction drawings? Even though most architectural ideas are first worked through by hand on paper, computers are often used at the end of the design process for aid in precision and detail. Click the.    Read more »

Stairway to a Remodel

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Stairs are not usually at the top of the list when people imagine the things they’d like to remodel in their home. Perhaps this is because most people don’t think of the staircase as much more than a way to get from one floor.    Read more »

The Impact of a Pocket Park

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Pagosa Springs Park

Generally when people think of “pocket parks,” New York City comes to mind. Without much room for spanning green spaces (Central Park aside), the city gets creative and takes small, unused areas and transforms them into a place that can be enjoyed by all. By.    Read more »

Creative Kids Rooms

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Creative Kids Room

Gone are the days of boring kids’ rooms with just a twin bed and a desk. Feel free to get creative and incorporate some new ideas and features that your kids will love! Creating an environment where your child’s imagination can run wild will.    Read more »

Indoor/Outdoor Living

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  With the glimpses of warm weather that Colorado has been giving us lately, it’s hard not to think about summer and the festivities that come along with it. And while you (and your wardrobe) are making the transition, an area most people don’t think.    Read more »

Master Suite Remodel and Face-lift

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Some of our smaller projects are also some of our more dramatic projects. Remodels of existing spaces often pose some of the biggest creative challenges.  Working within the existing walls, maximizing flow, and integrating the new space into the rest of the home must be balanced with.    Read more »