Mountain Architecture

Posted by: Crystal  /   Category: Home Designs in Durango / Residential Architecture   /   Date: Jul 02, 2019

These days ‘Mountain Architecture’ does not always denote the same traditional aesthetic it has in years past. At Fänas, we pride ourselves on developing creative Mountain design solutions, both traditional and contemporary, that respond to our individual clients’ lifestyles and aesthetic tastes. From small, simple.    Read more »

There is no question that a college education is necessary, and even somewhat mandatory, these days. Following thousands of hours of hard work and limited sleep, more than two million students leave college with either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree each year. With all of the emphasis.    Read more »

As gathering place and focal point, the fireplace symbolizes security and community and adds warmth and ambience to any room. No longer limited to traditional materials and design, fireplaces have become focal points in the overall home aesthetic.  Wood burning fireplaces, gas log inserts (installing.    Read more »