We’ve Been Hacked

Posted by: Becca  /   Category: Uncategorized   /   Date: Dec 06, 2019

Over the past few months you may have noticed some interesting posts on our blog with topics varying from college essay advice to online casino information. As strange and funny as some of the titles.    Read more »

We’ve Moved!!!

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Fanas Architecture has a new home! Although we are going to miss being on Pearl Street Mall, we are excited for our new office in the Washington Village Development on Broadway. Our new office has allowed us to double our office space and.    Read more »

Fanas Intern Making Waves

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The life of a student intern can be extremely hectic at times, balancing school work and office work, while tirelessly attempting to make the two respective schedules line up. The load can be overwhelming at times, and sacrifices are constantly being made in.    Read more »


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Looking to upgrade the kitchen in your current home? As we’ve shared in a recent post, a kitchen remodel could yield a payback anywhere from 90-100% on your investment. Because it’s the most used room in your home, it’s also the most popular room.    Read more »

City of Boulder Adopts New Codes

Posted by: Elizabeth  /   Category: Boulder Work / Tips and Advice / Uncategorized   /   Date: Feb 19, 2014

For all of us who work in the design and building industry here in Boulder, we know that staying on top of the current City codes and regulations is not only imperative, but sometimes confusing. The City of Boulder continues to adopt new codes for both.    Read more »

Avoiding Delays

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One of the challenges of building a custom home that we discussed in our blog last week was time. Anytime construction is involved, there can be delays. Even with a simple remodel unexpected things can cause a shift in the timeline of the project..    Read more »

Do Your Research

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Last week we discussed the importance of why you need an architect when starting a remodel or new home build, but throughout the process, beginning to end, the best thing you can do for yourself is research. Research ideas, research architects, and.    Read more »

Featured in Luxe Magazine – Mountain Contemporary

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This mountain contemporary style home combines natural stone, timbers and glass to create 'clean' and dramatic spaces, focusing on the awe-inspiring views while maintaining privacy for the owners. Featured in Luxe magazine, this home is a model of sustainability and contemporary aesthetics. Outdoor living.    Read more »