Kind Words About Our Work in Boulder, Durango, and Across the Front Range


Antiques"We collect antiques and it was imperative these be incorporated, and highlighted, in the design of our home. Fänas Architecture completed this task exceptionally well, even allowing a few extra spaces for pieces we may have yet to purchase."

David M.

Unique and Exciting

Unique-&-Exciting"Not only did Fänas design a unique and exciting home for us, they also helped us select the perfect builder to get the job done right."

Chris C.

High-Quality Finishes

High-Quality-Finishes"Our budget was tight, but Elizabeth really worked with us to get high-quality finishes in the areas that we felt were important. By saving us money on the materials used in the secondary spaces of our home, we were able to get the granite countertops and stone tile we wanted in the kitchen."

Kjar M.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable-Design"I really wanted to do “the right thing” in terms of sustainable design, but didn’t think my budget would allow this. Dale and Elizabeth worked with me to develop a green design tailored to my budget and overall priorities. I now feel like I have done the right thing!"

Margaret R.

Home Remodel

Home-Remodel"It was refreshing how attentive Fänas Architecture was to my desires and needs. I felt like they really listened to what I wanted in the remodel of my home and didn’t try to force ideas on me that either weren’t in my budget or program."

D. Hatton

Fresh, Functional Designs

Fresh-Functional-Ideas"As a small developer, I am always looking for fresh, functional designs. I now need to look no further; Fänas provides exactly that."

Eric K.

Watercolor Renderings

plans"Fänas Architecture presents you with watercolor renderings of the preliminary design at the beginning of the process. These were great in helping me understand exactly what was being proposed. They got it exactly right. These beautiful pictures are framed and hanging on the wall of our new home."

Nicole D.

Designing the Perfect House

s2"As always, I'm open to other options from you both that minimize costs but enhances the appearance."

Graham P.

Which Option to Choose

Which-Option-to-Choose"I knew I needed a change in my current home, but I couldn’t envision what could be done. Dale met me at my home, we talked about what I was hoping for and within a few days, he provided me with three terrific ideas. The hard part was deciding which option to choose."

Tim A.

Experience, Creativity, and Flexibility

Experience,-Creativity,-Flexibility"As a builder, I’ve worked with many architects, but when it came to selecting one to design my own home, there was no decision to be made. Fänas has the experience, creativity, and flexibility I needed and designed a magnificent home for me and my family."

Wade C.