3 Great Ways To Design For Kids

Designing kids’ rooms can be fun. As designers, it’s usually the place where we interject more color and whimsy into the design process, yet it’s also important to keep an air of practicality. We want our kids to use the space that’s allocated for them! What are some ways that you can create a space that your kids will actually enjoy?

1. Provide different zones for different types of play.

Sectioning off the space into different areas helps kids to know what to do and how to play in the room. Create a cozy reading nook near a shelf of books, dedicate a work surface for doing homework, and leave ample floor space for large scale play. Organizing your kids’ room into specific areas for activities is the same philosophy used in early childhood learning classrooms. See examples of this philosophy in the classrooms we’ve renovated at The Acorn School below.

The Acorn School, Early Childhood Learning Center

2. Create clever (and lots) of storage.

As kids grow and evolve, so do their toys and the stuff that they acquire. Having a variety of storage, as well as a dedicated place for everything helps cut back on clutter. Open shelving is a great storage solution that allows for certain things to be on display and for others to be tucked away in bins. In addition, ample closed storage is great for hiding those unsightly plastic (and loud!) toys.

3. Let your child’s personality shine.

Whether it’s a favorite color or a favorite type of object, give just one area of the room a place for that favorite thing to shine. Allocating just one spot within the space for that favorite thing avoids having a room that’s entirely pink, entirely filled with trains, or one that the adults just don’t want to spend time in.

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