3 Things to Think About As You Design Your Custom Home

When faced with the exciting and enormous task of designing and building your own home, it can seem daunting and you may not know where to start. Here are some things that you can think about as you start the process.

What do you love? Do you have a particular hobby or interest that is unique to your family that you want to feature in your home? If you love to cook, you may want to focus your home on the kitchen. If you love dogs, you might consider how your home can accommodate your canine friends. If there’s something that you love, your custom home can be designed to meet your distinct needs.

Know your budget? Do you have a firm number in mind that can not be exceeded or do you have flexibility in your budget? Be aware that unforeseen and unexpected conditions can add to the cost of a home. You may also have your heart set on one specific thing that you’d be willing to spend extra money on. Knowing what your budget is and having realistic expectations can help ward off financial surprises.

How big? If you already have a specific site, that can often dictate the size of house you can build. You may also want to think about longevity. Is this your forever home? Do you have kids that will one day be moving out or are you childless and not need additional space? Thinking about the lifespan of the house can help you determine how much space you’ll need.

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