A Helping Hand

As many of you know, or may have been affected by, Boulder and neighboring areas suffered major damage from a record of more than 17 inches of rain in September. It has left many people struggling to pick of the pieces of their homes and businesses. Fortunately though, it has also garnered a community of people looking for ways to help.

Here are a few ways to help that we’ve come across:

-Red Cross Colorado – Donations are the quickest way to get assistance to those in need, especially those residing at shelters. Donations can be made at redcross.org/co/denver

-United Way Foothills – A Foothills Flood Relief Fund has been established and can be donated to at unitedwayfoothills.org. Volunteer opportunities have not yet been declared, but keep an eye on this page as they will announce volunteer needs as they are identified.

-St. Vrain Flooding Relief Fund – Proceeds from the St. Vrain Flooding Relief Fund will go directly toward recovery efforts for the Longmont community. Donate can be made at longmontfoundation.org

-Bonfils Blood Center – Something often not considered in the wake of a disaster are donations to compensate for blood drives canceled during the floods. Scheduling an appointment to give blood can be done online at bonfils.org.

If you were affected by the floods you can visit the FEMA site, www.disasterassistance.gov, to see if you qualify for federal assistance. Many local churches have also initiated hotlines for people to call if they are in need of manual labor, food, help with temporary housing, etc. Craigslist is also a great way to ask for paid help (or volunteer) if you are having trouble finding it elsewhere.

We expect to see more volunteer opportunities in the coming weeks for cleanup and assistance rebuilding the community we have loved and lived in for many years. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts during this time and we can’t wait to see Boulder get back to its vibrant ways!

Both Dale and Elizabeth received their education from the University of Colorado, Boulder. They founded Fänas Architecture in Boulder in 2000 and have been working around the community and in neighboring areas ever since.