Architectural Salvage Yard

Incorporating antiques can add character to new homes. It’s a great way to show off your personality and make a comfortable living space with a balance of old and new. Purchasing salvaged items can also be cheaper than buying new furnishings for your home! Fänas has assisted multiple clients in choosing antique features for their homes. We understand that antique hunting can be intimidating, and you need to have a clear idea of what you are looking for before searching. The following is our advice on where to incorporate antique features tastefully into your home:


Looking for doors can be overwhelming. There is a variety of finishes and styles to doors you may encounter, as they were made by artisans in different countries and eras. Before you get started, make sure you know what design aesthetic you are looking for.

The front entry is a perfect place for some interesting doors. This is the ingress into the home, and should have some wow factor. Antique doors tend to be statement pieces, as they are grand and intricate. If you’re planning on incorporating a sliding barn door on the home’s interior, you can look for an authentic barn door at an architectural salvage store.

Door Hardware:

If you decide on a more basic door, or want to add some features to your door to make it seem more interesting, you may want to consider some unique door hardware choices. Ornamental knobs, hinges, and other accessories can make a door feel more elegant. Be tasteful, but be bold!


Chandeliers have always been statement pieces for homes, and are usually located above dining room tables and in entryways (indoors or outdoors). Previous eras used more detailed artistry and ornamental elements to design their chandeliers than what is on the market today. Chandeliers and other light fixtures are found commonly at architectural antique yards or other specialty antique lighting stores. Chandeliers should be eye-catching, and antique chandeliers are typically flashy and awe-inspiring!

Switch plates:

Switch plates have become very mute and plain in today’s interiors. They weren’t always that way! Switch plates are small and out of the way, so it’s great if you can find eclectic plates to help jazz up a room. There are many different styles and colors of antique switch plates to accommodate any client’s needs.

Other furniture:

Side tables, Victorian chairs, aged chests and other furnishings can become stylish focal points. As mentioned before, the craftsmanship that went into some of these designs, such as hardwood dining room tables, is spectacular and made to last.

Antique shopping can seem overwhelming, but as long as you keep your design ideas in mind, stay open to bold pieces, and have fun, you should be able to find unique pieces that will fit in with your home and personality.

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