Avoiding Delays

Image courtesy of: http://mrg.bz/Sbbpkn

One of the challenges of building a custom home that we discussed in our blog last week was time. Anytime construction is involved, there can be delays. Even with a simple remodel unexpected things can cause a shift in the timeline of the project. The good news is there are things that you can do to try and prevent these delays from occurring.

First, stay ahead of the builder with decision-making. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to decide on the next phase of the project and risk making a decision you didn’t fully think through. Planning ahead and making sure you’re ready when the time comes is key to moving forward seamlessly through the project.

Once decisions have been made, do everything you can to not change them. This ties into the first point by making sure you’ve taken the time to prepare prior to the deadline. Sometimes it is unavoidable to make changes and ultimately this is your project and your money. So if it’s something you know you’ll be unhappy with, just make sure you talk with your architect as soon as possible so they can try to minimize the delay.

As you go through the phases of the remodel or build, you’ll probably get the urge to get involved. It’s understandable since this is your dream and something you’ve thought a lot about. However, it’s really better to stay out of the way of the builder as much as possible. Distracting them will only add time onto the project so unless you have a question or concern about the project, it’s best to just sit back and watch.

Overall, there are going to be some things that you cannot control that may add time onto the project, but being aware of the things you can avoid will help move the project along. Having an architect on your side can also help avoid some common delays as well. They act as a liaison between you and the contractor so when possible issues do arise, they’re there to ensure your best interests and try to get things back on track.

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