Building In Boulder

If you plan to build your home in Boulder County, there are additional stages to the construction process that you might not be aware of. In a previous blog post, we mentioned that your property location could be in a historic district, thus requiring additional regulations on top of the zoning regulations already mandated by Boulder County.

Another step in the process, even prior to getting a building permit, is a Site Plan Review, which is required of all new residential construction and residential additions over 1,000 square feet. The county uses the Site Plan Review process as a way to evaluate any adverse impacts of a proposed development – its size, height, location, compatibility with the neighborhood, and site disturbance.

Sample Site Plan

The Site Plan Review application packet generally consists of site information, proposed plans and elevation drawings, and a site plan – all of which are commonly compiled by an architect. After your application is submitted, the county will arrange a site visit and forward your submittal to any applicable agencies and groups for review. At the end of the review, a determination letter will be issued, often with conditional approval. The Site Plan Review does add approximately 6 weeks to the building process, but with the right planning your project can still stay on track.

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