Creative Kids Rooms

Gone are the days of boring kids’ rooms with just a twin bed and a desk. Feel free to get creative and incorporate some new ideas and features that your kids will love! Creating an environment where your child’s imagination can run wild will help them thrive (and will also give them the coolest room of any kid at school).

17 Creative and Whimsical Kids Rooms on highlights some great features that can be added to any room. Some of the rooms are rather extravagant, but they’re good inspiration. Starting with a theme can help you to figure out what ideas can be brought to life in the room.

A simple mural wall can breathe new life into the room and change the entire dynamic. If you’re thinking of going a little bigger, then creating hideouts and secret rooms can be a great way to let your child explore their own room daily. Adding a lofted space will give a room new levels and a bigger feel. It also creates the opportunity for a fireman’s pole, which is always a hit!

Pinterest is a great website to look up new ideas and to keep track of ones you like. Just search “kids room” or “play room” and you’ll instantly have pages of pictures with everything from slides to chalk board walls. Check it out and follow us while you’re there!

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