Designing In Downtown Louisville

Although we have been designing custom homes for decades, with each new project there is a learning curve. Becoming in tune with the individual client, understanding their lifestyle and aesthetic, and learning about local building codes are just some of the nuances that make each home a custom home, and things with which we have to familiarize ourselves.

We are currently designing a home in historic old town Louisville, a locale that has its own set of zoning regulations on top of the zoning regulations already mandated by Boulder County. The old town zoning code is put in place to maintain the character of downtown Louisville, to preserve the charm and appeal that all of us love so well. Guidelines such as restricting the height of the residence, regulating the project density, and requiring a certain roof pitch and design are just a few of the regulations required for building in this area. In addition, preserving a portion of an existing building façade on the site provides property owners an incentive, letting them build more square footage and increased site coverage.

Image from Boulder County Land Use Code

All this to say, zoning codes are a critical tool and puzzle piece in the design of a home, and one that we love learning about. And at times, projects with stricter guidelines are often the ones with the most creative solutions.

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