Designing Options In 3-Dimensions

In the beginning stages of a project it is common to develop multiple design directions before one is chosen by the client. For a recent residence addition, we developed the program and plan, but wanted to explore various options for the roof massing and exterior character. By using one of Revit’s robust tools – Design Options – we were able to easily model different alternatives, render a few exterior renderings, and present the views to the client. Using Design Options allows us to explore different alternatives on numerous parts of a design, simultaneously. And because Revit is a 3D software, in the end, we have tangible 3D views that help portray our intent, and in turn, help the client visualize the finished product.

Below are some examples of 3D renderings using Design Options, exhibiting different possibilities for the residence’s roof massing:

Roof Scheme 1

Roof Scheme 2

Roof Scheme 3