Downtown Denver Café - Opening January 30th!

Fun, Contemporary and Uptown design comes to East Colfax in Downtown Denver!

Cafe Max is located at 2412 East Colfax and features fun food, amazing atmosphere and local camaraderie. The eclectic, urban decor is the appropriate back drop for cutting edge conversations, good times with friends, and fun satisfying food.

Fänas Architecture had the good fortune of working with the owner, Max Hopewell to realize his dream of opening a neighborhood café where local patrons become friends and work and fun are synonymous.

If you are in the neighborhood, or want to take the time to check it out, all are welcome and it is worth the trip!

At Fänas Architecture we’re happy to help you with the range of all your home and architecture needs. Feel free to contact us at and 303.444.5380.

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