Exceptional Design In Residential Architecture

“The meaning resides in one’s own experience, making the everyday the exceptional.”

-Samuel Mockbee

At Fänas Architecture, we believe in making the everyday experiences exceptional. A building is not just a building. It is so much more than that. When we work with our clients, we seek to understand what their everyday experiences are and seek to make their new custom home not only meet those needs, but exceed those needs. Our desire is that our clients have an exceptional experience as they interact with their new home. So how do we do this?

Allow us to share…

Our architects and interior designers understand the basic needs in a space. The age-old question of form over function is irrelevant here because we understand that a home must function for our clients while having great design. One is not more important than the other, but rather, they work together. After designing so many custom homes from here locally in Boulder, to Durango, to even North Carolina, we know the basics that your home needs to be great. We also know the extra little details that you need to make it exceptional. For example, we know how to turn the dead space underneath a stairway into not only a functional space, but a piece of artwork as well. Even the staircase itself can be a work of art like in the West Vail Southwestern in Vail, CO.

Our designers take the ordinary home and turn it into an exceptional canvas for nature to take center stage. We understand how to frame a view and take advantage of the site location. Not only do we position the home to take advantage of these views, we also understand how to design windows to frame that view. We understand that Window placement is critical to the flavor of the space inside and placing a window correctly is key. The natural surroundings become part of the architectural experience like in this project in Durango, CO.

Bringing the exceptional into everyday architecture is found in the details of our work as well. Any type of finish, such as tile, counters, cabinetry, hardware, and doors all reflect the personal style of each client. We also pride ourselves on using local materials and choosing materials that complement the natural surroundings. Materials can take the simplest of homes, and turn it into a truly magical place. For example, our clients’ home in Cordillera feels almost like it’s taken right out of Europe. The brick, wood, and stucco selection matches a western palette, but also subtly describes the Spanish influence.

The everyday can be truly extraordinary by strategic lighting as well! Our designers understand how light works and how to incorporate it in a space to achieve any clients’ strategy. Lighting is a subtle way to draw one’s attention up to architectural details, such as in the hallway at the West Vail Southwestern in Vail, CO. Lighting can also work to open up a space, as well as make a dark space feel intimate and inviting. A skilled architect will use lighting to create an ordinary room, truly special.

When you want your home to be a truly exceptional space, there really is no substitute for a good architect. Our designers at Fänas Architecture understand the exceptional and strive to design nothing less.

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