Fänas Architecture Designs And Details Kitchens

Fänas Architecture designs and details kitchens.

As an architectural firm we are typically associated with the “sticks and bricks” of a building, however recently we have been fortunate enough to have been hired to design and remodel some exciting kitchens for several different clients.

Kitchens are the “heart of the home” and as individual as the people who use them. There is no “one” style or “right” style for your kitchen. Designs range from industrial steel, state of the art commercial spaces to the cozy eclectic farmhouse. Regardless of the aesthetic you desire, the job of good kitchen design is to provide an inviting space for family and friends to gather and enjoy good food and fellowship.

When starting to think about remodeling or updating your kitchen we suggest you start with gathering images of kitchens that reflect what you would like to embody in your space. Cutting photos out of magazines or going on-line to websites such as www.Houzz.com are great places to start to help narrow down the many choices available. The choices can be overwhelming, but if you can focus on one item that truly “speaks to you”, you can build the rest of the design around this piece: maybe it’s the tile for the backsplash, maybe the countertop, maybe the state of the art appliances, maybe a unique plumbing fixture….whatever it is, use this as the foundation to build the rest of the space around and you will start to notice how well the final design reflects the aesthetic you were going for.

Utilize the professionals that are available to help you. Even if you decide not to hire an architect or designer, the sales people at the showrooms, (tile, appliance, plumbing, cabinetry, countertops) have years of experience in their respective fields and are always willing to help. Bring your photos and images of the style you are aiming for so they narrow down the products they show you and stay in keeping with the overall design theme.

Most of all, have fun!