Find Your "One" Thing!

Ok, so have you seen the Kohler commercial where the couple arrives at the architect’s office (very high-end and sleek), sits down across the executive desk, the woman pulls a Kohler faucet out of her purse and asks the architect if he can design their house around the faucet? Seems a bit extreme huh? It is extreme on a generalized level, but as a professional in the architectural world, there is actually some merit to the message…. Find your “one” thing!

We often have clients comment to us that the design process seems daunting: the choices unending!: "How can we ever make a decision when there are so many great ideas? We like so many different things!”

It’s true. When designing a new home, or remodeling the one you have, the options seem never-ending.

What we recommend to our clients is to focus on, and find, their “one” thing: the one “must have” in the new design; the one “bling” that gets them psyched about a space, the one “extra” that is worth the cost. This “one” thing can include the amazing view that must be captured, an outdoor living space with fire-pit, a majestic staircase, a pizza oven in the kitchen or, it can be as simple as, fun glass tile for the backsplash in the new bathroom, making a special niche for the heirloom wardrobe in the guest bedroom, or using a favorite rug as the basis to create the color palette for the living room. Once the client identifies their “one” thing, a direction for the project as a whole can begin to be established which in turn, narrows down the number of selections to review and the choices to be made.

A recent client was struggling with her vision for the finishes in her soon to be newly remodeled Kitchen. We spent weeks visiting showrooms looking at cabinets, hardware, tiles, appliances, flooring, etc. She was pleased with most everything she saw, but it wasn’t until we walked into a particular tile showroom and she saw “the” tile for her backsplash that she truly got excited. In finding her “one” thing, she was able to easily make the final selections on the rest of the kitchen finishes she had been laboring over for weeks. Not only did she feel secure in her decisions by relating them to her “must have”, but she became rejuvenated and excited all over again which was the most gratifying result of all.

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