'Home' For The Holidays

With the Holiday season officially upon us, home decorating begins for many in full force. Though it can sometimes seem like an arduous task; digging out the decorations, untangling the lights, hanging the wreath, it can also be a time for inspiration and revitalization in the home. Remember what fun you had as a kid re-discovering the treasures buried away during the year! As an adult, tap into that feeling and enjoy using the Holidays as a time to freshen up your home, re-organize a boring space, and introduce all the sights and smells of this festive season!

Use the Holidays as an opportunity to rearrange some of the rooms in your home. It is usually temporary so that you are able to accommodate the decorations (and people) that will fill the space, but you might find a layout that really excites you and decide to keep it for a while after the Holidays have passed. In rearranging your spaces, you are required to focus on them; something many of us do not do on a regular basis. You might come up with an idea for a new paint color, new small piece of furniture, rug or painting that can bring a fresh spark to the room.

Don’t forget the exterior of your home either. You can almost “re-invent” the look of your home with all of the decorations available these days. For many, the more lights the better, while for others, a simple green wreath and a few candles do the trick. Take advantage of your decorating time outside and use it to really look at your home. One of my clients commented that, when hanging Christmas lights, they kept realizing how convenient it would have been to have a door in a certain location of the house. The following Spring, they remembered this and decided it was such a good idea so they added one. They now wonder why they didn’t think of it sooner. There have also been several occassions where we have found maintenance issues on the roof or under the eaves when hanging Christmas lights that we would not have known about otherwise. Take note and make sure to address these as soon as weather (and time) permits!

Last but not least, take a deep breath, revel in your space and enjoy the season!!!

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