How Color Can Create Clarity

In a previous blog post, we shared one of the many tools we use to represent our design ideas to clients – using 3-dimensional photo realistic renderings. Another effective Revit Architecture tool for developing informative drawings is a color fill floor plan. Adding a shade of color to your floor plan is an easy way to reflect any data about the spaces as well as enhance clarity in your design. You can shade and categorize your spaces with pops of color to convey information about their names, department, degree of privacy, floor finish or any other category of data you might want to reveal. All of this data is stored within your architectural model so creating colored plans is nearly as easy clicking a button.

The floor plan below is shaded to show the different types of spaces within a residence – bedrooms, baths, closets, living, etc.

You could also implement a color scheme to show areas of different floor finishes.

Or another to show degrees of privacy within a residence.

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