Less Is More?

The tiny house trend is taking off in the United States with people trading in their 2,500 square feet homes for ones more modest at a fifth of the size, typically less than 500 square feet. The appeal is to own less and live more – an idea banding those who want to live more inexpensively and environmentally friendly. Tiny home owners revel in the fact that their spaces have been efficiently designed, often with lofted beds and extremely compact kitchens and bathrooms. While the average house in the United States has grown in size, tiny homes offer an alternative with some even as small as 90 square feet.

At Fänas Architecture, we have ventured into the tiny home movement by renovating shipping containers into hunting cabins for a client. Like tiny homes, the shipping containers provide a compact building module, with most containers measuring a minimal 8 feet by 20 feet in size, or 160 square feet. Though we can be charmed and awestruck by the simplicity of these tiny home dwellers, can we also find inspiration in a trend where less is more?

Shipping Container Homes via Viralnova

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