Master Suite Remodel and Face-Lift

Some of our smaller projects are also some of our more dramatic projects.

Remodels of existing spaces often pose some of the biggest creative challenges. Working within the existing walls, maximizing flow, and integrating the new space into the rest of the home must be balanced with budget, schedule, and aesthetics. Many times the client will continue to live in the home while construction is underway further adding variables to be managed to ensure a successful project.

We recently completed a Master Suite Remodel in Boulder that we wanted to share to show how space planning can make all the difference in the flow and efficiency of a space as well as lend itself to fabulous finishes and accessories.

When we started the project, the existing Master Suite was laid out in such a way that the master closet was actually located within the walls of the bathroom. The closet consisted of a single rod and shelf and was hard to access due to the fact that the bathroom vanities were located directly behind it. The Bedroom itself was too large (22′-10″ x 14′-5″) to be functionally efficient and where there should have been a large picture window highlighting the amazing view, two small windows were installed with wall between that completely blocked the view.

By relocating the door into the master suite, grabbing floor area from the bedroom to create a new walk-in master closet and reconfiguring the master bathroom, the new space is efficient, private and has become a quiet oasis for the home owner. New picture windows and fireplace were added in the bedroom to enhance the elegant feel of the space while focusing on the view. The master bathroom received a complete “face-list” including new glass tile detailing, a new steam shower, granite bench's brushed nickel fixtures, and custom mirrors.