Tackling The Unfinished Basement

With football season in full swing, now is a great time to look at remodeling to add an extra space for entertaining or for the coveted “mancave.” Last week we discussed transforming your attic into a useful extra room in the house, but this isn’t always the most ideal space for having guests over. While helpful as an extra bedroom or office, attics are generally too small to host a large number of people. So if your family room isn’t cutting it, where can you turn? Answer: the basement.

The basement, like the attic, is often overlooked as just another storage area in the home. But, with a little remodeling and some décor, this can be the ideal space for hosting that Super Bowl party you’ve always dreamed of. The great thing about basements is they generally span the length of the house so there’s plenty of room to work with. You can either finish the full basement or just a section, keeping some room for storage.

No matter how much square footage you decide to finish, there are some things you want to be aware of in your basement remodel. Building codes often require egress windows in every sleeping room so if you’re considering a bedroom addition, this will be a must (and a good idea anyways). Additionally, finishing a basement will add value to your house, which in turn may affect your property taxes. Be sure to consider these extra costs in your overall budget.

Getting to build an entire room dedicated to entertaining can be extremely exciting and Better Homes and Gardens offers some great tips to aid you in your remodel but, as with any remodeling project, it’s always a good idea to get the help of an architect to make sure you’re within code and understand the full scale of your project. We’re always here to help or any answer questions you have about changes to your home. Fänas Architecture can be reached by calling 303.444.5380 or emailing us info@fanasarchitecture.com.

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