The 5 Biggest Challenges To Building A Custom Home

The idea of building a custom home can seem very glamorous. Being able to build your home just the way you want is something that few experience in their lifetime. However, this experience doesn’t come without challenges.

Here are the five biggest challenges we see people face when trying to build their dream home:

Cost: Individuality bears a price. Understanding more about the construction of a new home will help put into perspective all that goes into the process. Researching beforehand will help prepare you for that first estimate. Do not think you will get a custom home for the same price per square foot as a builder home.

Time: Constructing a new home can take anywhere from six months to one year (or more). The size and complexity of the house, the weather, and the unexpected delays all make a difference in the final timeframe for completion. The key to a custom home is patience, and lots of it.

Priorities: Developing a complete, but realistic program for your custom home will allow for easier decision making down the line. Make sure you decide what things you can’t live without in the design and what things can be modified or cut, if necessary.

Focus: There are so many choices! Tough problem to have, we know. But this is actually something that many people struggle with. The amount of decisions and options you have in a custom home are so limitless that it can be overwhelming. Solution? Start a scrapbook – either physical or online ( is a great web site) with photos of the style and details you like in a home. This will help you stay focused and keep the design time from spiraling in multiple directions.

Budget: This goes along with the cost challenge. Once you’ve accepted the cost of a custom home and begin moving forward in the process, it’s important to stay within that budget. While most understand this when taking on the project of a custom home, sometimes all of those unique ideas add up faster than one expects.

Hiring an architect can help mitigate the stress of these challenges. By having an architect involved, you can focus on the fun stuff and leave the more tedious tasks to us. And while these challenges may seem daunting, the most important thing to remember is the final product. A custom home is something to take pride, something to show off. Overall, the process may be costly (and will probably take longer than you’d like), but the feeling when you walk into your new home built just for you is indescribable.

If you’re struggling with one (or all) of these challenges, please feel free to get in touch with us for help. Fänas Architecture can be reached by calling 303.444.5380 or emailing us We have offices in Boulder, Colorado and Durango, Colorado and we’re happy to help!