The Impact Of A Pocket Park

Generally when people think of “pocket parks,” New York City comes to mind. Without much room for spanning green spaces (Central Park aside), the city gets creative and takes small, unused areas and transforms them into a place that can be enjoyed by all. By definition, these parks are less than 5,000 square meters so you can imagine the planning that is involved in building a space like this.

Well Fänas Architecture was happy to take that challenge when we did a pro-bono “pocket park” for the Town of Pagosa Springs. The space was originally a forgotten and unsightly niche off of the sidewalk. We worked with the chamber of commerce and local jurisdictions to get the park designed and a local artist was commissioned for the mural.

The final result:

It’s amazing the impact an improvement to such a small part of town can have. Not only does a pocket park make a street more aesthetically pleasing, but research has also shown that these converted areas have contributed to reduced crime when compared to neighborhoods with unimproved vacant lots. So the next time you see a worn out, forgotten piece of land, think about the possibilities for the space and bring it to your city council or chamber of commerce. Who knows, maybe it’ll get a makeover and become your new favorite pocket park!

If you have any questions about pocket parks, please feel free to get in touch with us by calling 303.444.5380 or emailing us Fänas Architecture has offices in Boulder, Colorado and Durango, Colorado and we’re happy to help!