The Importance of Retaining Your Architect During Construction

Top 5 Reasons to Retain Your Architect during Construction:

Many clients question the need to have their architect involved once the design is complete and a permit has been issued. The happiest clients are those that hire the architect for the duration of the project, including what is known as construction administration services.

But why?

Why is it desirable and important to have your architect involved during construction?

Simply put, having the architect involved from beginning to end saves money, saves time, reduces potential headaches and helps avoid costly mistakes. To more fully understand the benefit of retaining your architect throughout construction, we have listed the top five reasons below:

1. Your architect works and advocates for you

Most importantly, remember that the contract with your architect does not include the builder. Your architect has no vested interest in the cost of materials and the methods utilized to install them. Your architect’s top priority is therefore looking out for you, the owner; ensuring the construction process is handled professionally and educating you on what can be expected from beginning to end of construction.

Many of our clients are surprised at all the decisions required of them even after a building permit has been received. We help them focus and prioritize decisions so they do not become overwhelming as well as responding to the weekly issues that arise on site. Our clients tell us regularly that our guidance and leadership throughout the process is invaluable in lowering their overall stress level and allowing the process to be fun and exciting.

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