The Road To Recovery

The news has moved on, but many people in Boulder are still struggling with how to put their lives and homes back together after the massive flooding that took place in September. We too have felt the feelings that come from experiencing damage to your home and business. It’s overwhelming and scary when you’re not sure where to start to get things back to normal. Fänas Architecture would like to help start this process for you.

We are prioritizing free consultations with anyone affected by the floods that would like a professional architect to review their property and give them feedback on “next steps.” Although we cannot offer our full architectural services for free, we do not want architectural fees to be a hurdle that keeps anyone from moving forward and rebuilding. We are willing to work on a sliding scale and provide payment plans individualized to clients’ specific needs.

If you are recovering from the flood, please reach out to us. Even if it’s just to point you in the right direction, we want to help everyone move forward and begin to rebuild our beautiful city. Fänas Architecture can be reached by calling 303.444.5380 or emailing us

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