The Window To Your World

Windows are a vital connection to the world in a home. While windows serve a clear function in a building, they can serve purposes much deeper. Windows can serve important purposes in lighting the home, framing surrounding vistas, and becoming part of the artistic design.

Windows Let In Light

Have you ever been in a home that feels dark and cave-like? On the other hand, have you ever been in a home that feels open and airy? The difference between a poorly lit home and a well-lit home is astounding. Proper placement of windows is key in creating a bright, and airy space. Coloradans especially enjoy taking advantage of our 300+ days of sunshine. Our designers understand how to manipulate not only the direction of the windows, but also the size and angles of windows to maximize light, while minimizing heat or glare issues. We take pride in examining the position of the home to give great vistas and great natural light as well.

Windows Can Bring The Outside In

The surrounding scenery often complements the tone of a custom home design. Many of the projects we design are located with very scenic vistas and beautiful landscapes, such as Boulder, Durango, and other mountain towns. Our designers understand that proper size, scale, and placement can be used to take advantage of these views. Some clients want to feel as though the nature outside is truly inside their home. On the other hand, we also have many homeowners who want to bring the energy of an urban space into their home. Many of the lofts and urban homes we have designed at Fänas Architecture use windows to encourage this lively energy in a space. Large, floor-to-ceiling windows can help you bring the outside in. While smaller windows help make a room feel more intimate, revealing surprise vistas. Whatever the tone of your home, we can help use windows to achieve that tone.

Windows Can Be Art

Just as ancient designers found beauty in stained glass windows, architecture today can use windows to bring art to a design. Windows come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and our architects understand these options and what they can contribute to a home. Windows can also be customized to produce unique designs for the desired aesthetic. Our Colorado architects enjoy bringing custom designs into all parts of the home, including the windows.

Windows are a key piece in the architectural story of your home on both the exterior and the interior. We understand how important they can be to your home from lighting, to views, to overall design. Let the architects at Fänas Architecture help maximize the windows in your custom home project.

If you are interested in learning more about how our custom designs can complement your vision for your home, please contact our office.