Transforming Your Attic

A custom home build is the dream of many, but is the reality for very few. Even an addition to an existing home can be a large undertaking for those looking to add space. So what happens if neither of those are an option? Oftentimes you just have to find a way to work with what you have.

Many people overlook the attic as a useable space and write it off as storage for holiday decorations and old clothes. But don’t be so quick to judge an attic as a musty, unlivable area of your home. Through a little work and planning, you could have an extra bedroom, playroom, or entertainment room depending on your needs. Here are a few of the things that says to consider when looking into the option of transforming your attic:

-Flooring Support: Not all attics were built to support more weight than a few boxes in storage. Get an expert evaluation on your current support if you’re unsure if it’s enough. An architect can help make sure it’s up to code before you start the design of the space.

-Lighting: If an attic wasn’t intended to be used for more than storage, then it most likely doesn’t have adequate lighting. Adding windows can breathe new life into an attic and help to make it feel more like a room in the original design of the house.

-Heating and Cooling: Along the same lines as the above two points, attics often aren’t equipped with proper insulation. The original insulation of the house generally lies in the floor or the attic so you must extend it to complete the room. In addition, attics most likely aren’t included in the original heating and cooling systems either. If it’s too expensive or impractical to extend the current system, look into the option of a stand-alone system. Either way, you’ll want to make sure to have a way to raise and lower the temperature year round.

For the full list of considerations on an attic update (and a few on basements), visit–Making-Room-for-Family

Discussing the possibility of transforming an attic into a new living area with an architect is important so you can know exactly what your options are for the space. In the end you may just be surprised by what you can turn a forgotten room of the house into.

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Image courtesy of:, AMagill