What Architects Actually Do

What do Architects do all day? What do we talk about behind closed doors?


Our daily tasks require us to do a little of everything. The nature of a small office means you chip in as necessary. Some days are spent outside of the office traveling to jobsites to talk to prospective clients or to inspect ongoing work. Other days are spent in the office, meeting with clients, contractors, or engineers. But a lot of time is spent at our desk with mouse (or pencils) in hand, hashing out design options, pulling together construction drawings and completing all the minutiae that’s required of a small business – answering phone calls, updating invoices, and writing emails & meeting minutes.

To help us get through those sometimes lackluster moments, we often chat among ourselves, and some wisdom often comes to light we thought we’d pass onto you. There seems to be one job requirement of architects that rises above all others and one that we often talk about behind closed doors - managing client expectations.

It’s our main job to translate your needs into something beautiful and functional, but it’s also our job to communicate to you when your expectations exceed your budget, when your desired schedule is impossible, when the city or county requirements necessitate additional work, or when you need a reality check. These things inevitably come up in every project and throw a curve ball into the design process.

So while our main passion is creating beautiful buildings, our job is to be with you on this entire journey. That means helping you with your vision from beginning to end, establishing milestones and priorities, and using our wisdom to avoid those foreseeable surprises and bumps down the road.

At Fänas Architecture we’re happy to help you with the range of all your home and architecture needs.

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