Working From Home

The idea of working from home has been a dream for many, but until recently, it was difficult for the majority of industries. With the technological advances of the past 5-10 years, more and more people are realizing that dream. However, with that dream come new challenges.

The home is generally an environment designed for casual, relaxed living and not for work. Anyone who has ever worked from home will tell you how difficult it can be to stay focused when there’s a big screen TV and comfy couch calling your name. The easiest way to battle these temptations is to define a space that is structured and conducive to work.

A well-designed home office eliminates clutter and promotes productivity. The perfect home office will depend heavily on what purpose it needs to serve. Does it need to be a quiet, secluded room for uninterrupted phone calls? Or does it need to have space to move around and be creative? There’s a lot more to consider than just a desk in a spare bedroom.

Working from home is an exciting change, but it’s also one to be taken seriously. Meeting with an architect to discuss the needs of your office can help provide a clear vision to the project. We’re always here to help or any answer questions you have about changes to your home. Fänas Architecture can be reached by calling 303.444.5380 or emailing us

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